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2014 - present

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  • 2021

    Beveridge, T. (2021). An educator's hope for the next two years. Electablog. Advance online publication. Read more>>>

    Beveridge, T. (2021). A tale of two cities: lessons in advocacy and funding from Seattle and Portland.Arts Education Policy Review. Advance online publication. Read more>>>

    Beveridge, T. (2021). Bringing good from bad (Reprint of 2020 article in Florida Music Director). Windsong, WMEA.

    Beveridge, T. (2021). Does music education have a poverty problem? Update: Applications of Research in Music Education. Advance online publication. Read more>>>

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    Ripani, G. (2021). What do adults think of music across the lifespan? Psychology of Music. Advance online publication. Read more>>>

    Ripani, G. (2021). Children's social representations of music. In P. A. González-Moreno (Ed.), Proceedings of the 28th International Seminar of the ISME Research Commission (pp. 229-239). University of Jyväskylä Printing Service. 

    Rubio Carrillo, V. M. (2021). La comunidad de aprendizaje musical: Trascendiendo la brecha entre la investigación y la práctica. Cuadernos de la RELEM, 1(1), 60–65.  Read more>>>

    Rubio Carrillo, V. M. (2021). Musical breathing technique: Breathing pedagogy and assessment. Florida Music Director, 75(3), 18-25. Read more>>>

    Rubio Carrillo, V. M. (2021). Using the standards to guide instruction in alternative music education settings. Teaching Music Magazine, 28(4), 48–51. Read more>>>

    Rubio Carrillo, V. M., & Argueta, J. (2021). Rap education: Struggle, freedom, and creativity. Florida Music Director(74)6. 18–23. Read more>>>

    Rubio Carrillo, V. M., Argueta, J., Lopez, N., Echeverría, D., Duque, C., & López, S. (2021). The poetics of life: Covid-19, improvising alternatives, and the musical learning community. Critical Studies in Improvisation, (14)1. Read more>>> 

    Rubio Carrillo, V. M., Echeverria-Valencia, D., Vaca, E. S., & López Prado, S. (2021). Musical totem: A collaborative composition methodology furing the COVID-19 pandemic. CAML Review / Revue de l'ACBM, 49(1). 28-43. Read more>>>

    Zdzinski, S.F. (2021).   The tole of the gamily in supporting musical learning.  In A. Creech, D.A. Hodges, & S. Hallam, (Eds.) International Handbook of Music Psychology in Education and the Community.  Routledge, pp. 401-417. 

  • 2020

    Abril, C. R. & Gault, B. M. (2020). Shaping policy in music education: Music teachers as collaborative change agents. Music Educators Journal, 107(1), 43-48. Read more>>>

    Beveridge, T. (2020). Bringing good from the bad: Moving forward in music education. Florida Music Director, 74(4), 20-24.

    McLerran, M. (2020). Music and deaf culture. Florida Music Director, 74(3), 18-22.

    Rowher, D., Coffman, D. D., & Dabback, W. (2020). A description of New Horizons Band assistants' perceptions and experiences. International Journal of Community Music, 13(3), 333-344. Read more>>> 

    Rubio Carrillo, V. M. (2020). Musical breathing education for guitarists. Research Perspectives in Music Education, 21, 35-47.  Read more>>>   

    Rubio Carrillo, V. M. (2020). Inspiration from standards – Outside the classroom: Here is how to use the 2014 Music Standards to guide instruction and assess learning in alternative music education settings. Teaching Music Magazine, 27(4), 13–18. 

    Rubio Carrillo, V. M. (2020). Inter-action pedagogy: An approach concerning meaningful musical education. Media Journal in Music Education, 1. Read more>>>

    Walling, C. B. (2020). Intercultural exchanges in South Africa: Exploring music teacher experiences, understandings, and practices. International Journal of Music Education, 38(2), 252–266. Read more>>>

  • 2019

    Abril, C. R. & Robinson, N. R. (2019). Comparing situated and simulated learning approaches to developing culturally responsive music teachers. International Journal of Music EducationRead more>>>

    Elpus, K., & Abril, C. R. (2019). Who Enrolls in High School Music? A National Profile of U.S. Students, 2009–2013. Journal of Research in Music Education, 67(3), 323–338. Read more>>> 

    Zdzinski, S. F., Ireland, S. J., Wuttke, B. C., Belen, K.E., Olesen, B. C., Doyle, J. L., & Russell, B. E. (2019). An exploratory neuropsychological case study of two chromesthetic musicians. Research Perspectives in Music Education, 20, 65-82. 

  • 2018

    Kerchner, J. & Abril, C. R. (2018). Music teacher education: Crossing generational borders. In G. McPherson & G. Welch (Eds.), Special needs, community music, and adult learning (pp. 257-274). New York: Oxford University Press.

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    Wehr, E. & Coffman, D. D. (2018).  Vision experiences and participation in a New Horizons Band. InternationalJournal of Community Music, 11(2), 225-235. Read more>>>

    Zdzinski, S. (2018). What is oral history research? Florida Music Director, 71(8), 35.

  • 2017

    Abril, C. R. & Abril, J. Z. (2017). Educación musical escolar en las Américas: Condiciones, prácticas, y políticas desde una perspectiva socio-ecológica. Revista Complutense Investigación en Educación Musical, 14, 29-45.

    Coffman, D. D. (2017).  Pädagogik, andragogik und heutagogik: Perspektiven für die community music-arbeit mit erwachsenen.  In B. Hill & A. de Banfy-Hall (Eds.) Community music - Beiträge zur theorie und praxis aus internationaler und deutscher perspektive (pp. 105-121). Waxmann: Munich.

    Manning, D., & Kamil, M. (2017). New legislation in Brazilian music education: Studying the law and its implementation. International Journal of Music Education, 35(1), 79–92. Read more>>>

    Overland, C. (2017). Music Education, Inc. Music Educators Journal, 104(1). Read more>>>

    Overland, C. (2017). Using game theory and virtual classroom simulations to develop professional behaviors in preservice music teachers. Contributions to Music Education, 42(May), 105-125. Read more>>>

  • 2016

    Abril, C. R. & Gault, B. M. (2016) (Eds.), Teaching general music: Approaches, issues, and perspectives. New York: Oxford University Press.  

    Abril, C. R. (2016) General music: Concept, theory, and practice. In C. R. Abril & B. M. Gault (Eds), Teaching general music: Approaches, issues, and perspectives.  New York: Oxford University Press. 

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    Overland, C. (2016). Gender composition and the salary gap within the music faculty of NASM-accredited universities: 2000-2014. College Music Symposium, 56(Summer).  

    Saunders, R. (2016). Informal learning practices in the teaching and music-making of music teachers: A preliminary study. Research Perspectives in Music Education 18(1): 38-50.

  • 2015

    Zdzinski, S.F., Gumm, A., Orzolek, D., Cooper, S., Russell, B., Dell, C., Rinnert, N., Yap, C.C., & Keith, T.Z. (2014-15).  Musical home environment, family background, and parenting style on success in school music and in school. Contributions to Music Education, 40, 71-89. Read more>>>

  • 2014

    Overland, C. (2014). Statistical power in the journal of research in music education (2000-2010). Bulletin of the Council for Research in Music Education, 201(Summer), 43-59. Read more>>> 

    Overland, C. (2014). Teacher Evaluation and Music Education: Joining the National Discussion. Music Educators Journal, 101(1). Read more>>>