Graduate Student Dissertations and Theses in Music Education

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Peter J. Hamlin, Ph.D.
Deliberate Practice of High School Instrumentalists: A Theoretical Model

Susana M. Lalama, Ph.D.
Perceived Caring Climate, Empathy, and Student Social Behavior in High School Bands

Lindsay Moraczewski, M.M.
Functional Harmony: The Social Culture of a High School Orchestra

Ahmad Rithaudin Md Noor, Ph.D.
The Effectiveness of Electronic (e-Learning) on Music Theory and Music Appreciation Achievement of Form 1 (Grade 7) Malaysian Secondary School Students


Jennifer Lee Doyle, Ph.D.
The Effects of Teacher Background, Teacher Preparation, and Support on Attitudes and Expectations of K-12 Urban Music Educators

Kathryn L. Simon, Ph.D.
Predictors of Classroom Management Challenges and Practices of Secondary Choral Music Educators

E. Gaile Stephens, Ph.D.
Formation and Prediction of the Singing Perceptions of Self-Labeled Singers and Non-Singers

Brian C. Wesolowski, Ph.D.
Testing a Model of Jazz Rhythm: Validating a Microstructural Swing Paradigm

Alaina Galliford-Lorenzo, M.M.
The Effect of Verbal Versus Nonverbal Parent Cues on Children's Listening Skills

Monica J. Kurtz, M.M.
The Impact of Teacher Intensity on Student Motivation in the 4th and 5th Grade Music Classroom: A Case Study

Sandra Mercedez Sanchez, M.M.
Individual Adequacy of Immersed Music Program Participants


Brian Wuttke, Ph.D.
A Model Describing the Effects of Equipment, Instruction and Director and Student Attributes on Wind-Band Intonation

Eunju Jeong, Ph.D. 
Development and Validation of a Music-based Attention Assessment for Patients with Traumatic Brain Injury

Susana M. Lalama, M.M.
A Comparison of Student and Teacher Perceptions of Classroom Management in Secondary Band Rehearsals in Florida Schools.

Linda Lathroum, Ph.D. 
The Role of Music Perception in Predicting Phonological Awareness in Five- and Six-Year-Old Children


Brian Russell, Ph.D.
The Empirical Testing of Musical Performance Assessment Paradigm

Bradley C. Olesen, Ph.D.
The Impact of Background, Choral Conducting Training and Music Teaching Style on the Choral Warm-up Philosophy and Practices of Successful High School Choral Directors

Caroline Elizabeth Morris, M.M.
A Comparison of the Use of Composition as a Teaching Tool in Music Classrooms of the United States and United Kingdom



Julie Stordahl, Ph.D. 
The Influence of Music on Depression, Affect, and Benefit Finding Among Women at the Completion of Treatment for Breast Cancer

Ming Tu, Ph.D. 
The Effects of a Chinese Music Curriculum on Cultural Attitudes, Tonal Discrimination, Singing Accuracy, and Acquisition of Chinese Lyrics for Third-, Fourth-, and Fifth-Grade Students


Hayoung Lim, Ph.D. 
The Effect of "Developmental Speech-Language Training through Music" on Speech Production in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders


Charles Ciorba, Ph.D. 
The Creation of a Model to Predict Jazz Improvisation Achievement

Lourinda S. Crochet, Ph.D. 
Repertoire Selection Practices of Band Directors as a Function of Teaching Experience, Training, Instructional Level, and Degree of Success

Patricia O. Englehardt, Ph.D. 
The Effect of the Yamaha Music in Education Keyboard Instructional Approach on the Musical and Nonmusical Outcomes of Middle School Students

Janet Kirsten, Ph.D. 
Pre-Kindergarten Music Education Standards and the Opportunity-to-Learn Standards as applied to preschool settings in the United States

Kathleen M. Light, Ph.D. 
Continuing in Band: Marketing to Incoming High School Students

Kelly A. Parkes, Ph.D. 
The Effect of Performance Rubrics on College-Level Applied Studio Grading

Nathan Rinnert, Ph.D. 
A History of the Bands at the Teachers' School in Mansfield, Pennsylvania, 1871--1971

Sandra Schwartz, Ph.D. 
Vocal Health of Middle School and High School Choral Directors


Melissa Lesniak, Ph.D.
Attitudes Towards String Education Among Collegiate String Faculty




Badreyah H. Abdali, Ph.D.  
A Method of Teaching Qanun Performance to Elementary-Aged Children   


Sager Al-Ramzi, Ph.D.  
The History, Development, and Curriculum of the Institute of Musical Studies and the Higher Institute of Musical Art in Kuwait   

Sergio L. d. A. Alvares , Ph.D.  
A Rationale for and the Development of “Choro” Courses as a Proposed Model for Brazilian Popular Music Program s in Colleges and Universities o f Brazil   


Walter G. Busse , Ph.D.  
Toward Objective Measurement and Evaluation of Jazz Piano Performance Via MIDI-Based Groove Quantize Templates  


Kaja L. Jenson, Ph.D.  
The effects of selected classical music on writing and talking about significant life events  


Dawn K. Batson, Ph. D.  
Pan Into The Twenty-First Century: The Steelband as an Economic Force in Trinidad and Tobago   

Douglas M. Jordan, Ph.D.  
Alfred Reed: The Man Behind the Music  

Perry Lee, Ph.D.  
An Investigation of the Opportunities of Exceptional Students in Secondary Instrumental Music in Flori da Twenty Years after PL 94-142  

Elizabeth F. York, Ph.D.  
The Effects of Music Therapy Interventions on Naming and Verbal Fluency in Persons with Probable Alzheimer’s Disease   



David J. Greennagel, Ph.D.  
A Study of Selected Predictors of Jazz Vocal Improvisation Skills   

Cathy H. McKinney, Ph.D.  
The Effect of the Bonny Method of Guided Imagery and Music on Mood, Emotional Expression, Cortisol, and Immunologic Control of Latent Epstein-Barr Virus in Healthy Adults    

Lee W. Stone, Ph.D.  
The Effects of Systematic Aural/Visual Performance Modeling on Young String Instrumentalists’ Executive and Performance Skills   


Patrick M. Fortney, Ph.D.  
Learning Style and Music Instruction Via an Interactive Audio CD-ROM: An Exploratory Study  

Merja A. Sargon, Ph.D.  
An Examination of Primary, Middle, and Senior High School Students' Responses to Operatic and Popular Female Vocal Timbres   


Yasmin Alvarez, Ph.D.  
The Development and Evaluation of a Sequential Comprehensive Keyboard Curriculum for Senior High School   

Randy L. Bangs, Ph.D.  
An Application of Amabile’s Model of Creativity to Music Instruction: A Comparison of Motivational Strategies   

Barry R. Garman, Ph.D.  
The Effects of Accompaniment Texture and Contextual Pitch Distance on String Instrumentalists’ Intonational Performance   


Rebecca C. Kralik, Ph.D.  
An Examination ot the Self-Concepts of Middle School Music Participants and Nonparticipants   

Keith V. Lucas, Ph.D.  
The Effect of Contextual Condition on the Sight Singing Achievement of Middle School Choral Music Students  

Raquel M. Montalvo, Ph.D.  
An Assessment of the Status and Needs of K-12 Public School Music Education in Puerto Rico   

Mary E. Pocock, Ph.D.  
The Influence of Harmonic Complexity on Melodic Expectations  


Michael B. Dressman, Ph.D.  
The Development and Validation of a Test to Evaluate Selected Wind Instrument Performance Competencies of Middle School/Junior High School Instrumentalists   

Gerald W. Siverson, Ph.D.  
An Examination of The Extent to which Senior High School Band Programs Reflect Aesthetic and Utilitarian Goals   



Gary D. Dubler, Ph.D.  
Labor Law and the Working Musician: Words Without Music  

Richard K. Fiese, Ph.D.  
An Examination of the Relationship a mong Conductors’ Rankings of the Relative Musical Quality of Three Unfamiliar Wind Band Scores  

Sammi S. Liebman, Ph.D.  
The Effects of Music and Relaxation on Third Trimester Anxiety in Adolescent Pregnancy  

David C. McCalla, Ph.D.  
The Status of Class Piano Instruction in the Public Secondary Schools of Florida  


David L. Mills, Ph.D.  
The Meaning of the High School Band Experience and its Relationship to Band Activities  

Joseide G. Montarroyos, Ph.D.  
Music Education in Brazilian Public Elementary Schools: A Proposed Curriculum for Children of Ages Seven through Ten  


Martha L. Gackle, Ph.D.  
The Effect of Selected Vocal Techniques for Breath Management, Resonation, and Vowel Unification on Tone Production in the Junior High School Female Voice   


Jacqueline S. Glass, Ph.D.  
The Effects of a Microcomputer-Assisted Tuning Program on Junior High School Students’ Pitch Discrimination and Pitch-Matching Abilities  

Rachel L. Lebon, Ph.D.  
The Effects of a Pedagogical Approach Incorporating Videotaped Demonstrations on thge Development of Female Vocalists’ “Belted” Voca l Technique  

Richard W. Weymuth, Ph.D.  
The Development and Evaluation of a Cognitive Music Achievement Test to Evaluate Missouri High School Choral Music Students  


Frederico A. d. B. Manso , Ph.D.  
An Examination of Music Education Philosophy and Practices in Grades One Through Four of the Municipal Primary Schools in Rio De Janeiro  



John S. Kuskinski, Ph.D.  
The Effect of Mouthpiece Cup Depth and Backbore Shape on Listeners' Categorizations of Tone Quality in Recorded Trumpet Excerpts  

Russell L. Robinson, Ph.D.  
The Development and Evaluation of a Microcomputer-Assisted Music Instruction Program for the Improvement of Tonal Memory  

Pamela A. Sterling, Ph.D.  
A Developmental Study of the Effects of Accompanying Harmonic Context on ‘Vocal Pitch Accuracy of Familiar Melodies  

Richard E. Stewart, Ph.D.  
A Comparison of Music Preferences of Students in Three Educational Systems: Seventh -Day Adventist, Public, and Private Independent Schools  


John S. Brick, Ph.D.  
The Effects of a Self-Instr uctional Program Utilizing The “Pitch Master” on Pitch Discrimination and Pitch Accuracy in Performance of Junior High School Trombonists  


Joseph P. Scartelli, Ph.D.  
A Comparison of the Effect of Electromyographic ( Emg ) Biofeedback and Sedative Music, Emg Biofeedback Only, And Sedative Music Only on the Ability of University Music Majors to Relax the Frontalis Muscles  

William F. Schlacks, Ph.D.  
The Effect of Vocalization through an Interval Training Program Upon the Pitch Accuracy of High School Band Students  


Lynne H. Micheletti, Ph.D.  
An Assessment of the Vertical Method and the Ensemble Approach for Teaching Sight Reading to Secondary Class Piano Students  



Robert C. Parker, Ph.D.  
The Relative Effectiveness of the Tap System in Instruction in Sight Singing: An Experimental Study   


Manny Brand, Ph.D.  
A Study of the Effectiveness of Simulation Techniques in Teaching Behavior Management Skills to Undergraduate Music Education Majors  

James D. Ewing, Ph.D.  
Elaine Brown and Singing City: The Choral Art as a Communicative Social Force   

William C. Robinson, Ph.D.  
The Musical Preferences of Mental Patients Based on Cattell’s Interpretations of Factors Associated with Certain Aspects of Personality  


Rasama Nyberg, Ph.D.  
The Development, Implementation and Evaluation of an Introductory Course in Ethnic Music for Use in the Secondary Schools