Outreach Teaching

The Music Education program is involved in many community outreach programs. We provide after-school instruction at Ludlam Elementary and West Laboratory Elementary Schools and for a New Horizons Band for adults. We also partner with Frost's Shalala MusicReach.

Ludlam Elementary School

The Ludlam Strings program was created in 2012 in an effort to revive string education in a school that had seen its orchestra eliminated due to budget cut. The department offers musical training and performance opportunities for 4th and 5th grade students, as well as valuable field experience to our music education students at Frost.

West Laboratory Elementary School

For over forty years, the Music Education program has sponsored wind band instruction for beginning and advancing instrumental music classes for children. Music Education Teaching assistants coordinate the program, sometimes assisted by volunteer undergraduate students.  The elementary students perform in two concerts each year, in December and May.

New Horizons Band

Established in 2009, the New Horizons Band at the Frost School of Music is the only adult music program for beginning instrumentalists in the greater Miami area. Studies show that active participation can provide good mental and physical health as well as providing an unending source of joy. 

Shalala MusicReach

Music Education Teaching Assistants provide program leadership and instruction for the Donna Shalala MusicReach program.  See the related link for more information.